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eeZos is a free.
is simple and easy to use.
is portable.

eeZos  is an operating system designed to make full use of the concept of online cloud computing. The idea is that you can access your data from anywhere in the world and from any PC you choose.

It's tight integration with the eyeOS web Operating system allows you to just install eeZos to any media format you choose and take it with you.... wherever you are.

Puppy Linux

eeZos is based on the puppy linux distro. Puppy linux is a known for it's light design and it's ability to run on many older PCs.
eeZos differs from the standard puppy installation by providing a set of alternative user interfaces and a simplified set of tools.
See the eeZos thread on the puppy forums.

These include:
- xfdesktop and cairo-dock
- xfce-panel and lxlauncher
- firefox 3
- Mplayer with smplayer.

Although eeZos is designed to work with an online OS, it recognises the need that users would want some local applications.
These are provided by a set of unique .sfs files which are loaded as the Operating system starts.