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eezos Wiki :: beginners

eeZos, a begineers guide.

Before you even begin your experience with eeZos there are a few things you should be aware of.
-eeZos is not Windows
-Not all your Windows hardware will work in eeZos
-There are no licensing costs associated with eeZos
-eeZos Linux is a true Multitasking, Multiuser, Multiprocessing system
-eeZos is not hard to use
-eeZos is an ongoing development

Getting eeZos

The easiest way to get eeZos is to download an iso image and create your own live or multi-session CD. You can get instructions from the links below.

Installing eeZos

Installing eeZos is a simple matter, you can run it off a CD or install it to a hard drive, USB card or a Zip drive. As eeZos runs in a ‘virtual drive’ and is contained in a couple of compressed files it does not really need to be installed the same way that other operating systems usually are. All that is required is for the files to be located where you wish and be bootable by some medium such as a floppy disk, a CD or from the Master Boot Record.

Running eeZos

Once you have a version of eeZos make sure that your computer is set to boot a CD and start it up with the CD in its drive.

When eeZos finishes booting you will be presented with a blue screen where you must choose your type of mouse. Make our selection. The second blue screen allows you to choose how to setup your display. Choose between Xorg (recommended) or Xvesa. Once the system tests your chosen display manager you can choose your display resolution. eeZos will now start in the PC mode user interface. Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to reveal the applications / menu dock.

The 'eeZos menu' is found by clicking the butterfly icon on the panel, it allows you to setup eeZos, run applications and utilities. Under 'setup' you will be able to connect to the internet, run the eeZos control panel, connect to the internet, toggle the user interface and toggle between user and setup mode.
To move to the alternative user interface, click the 'Toggle UI' button. Close all applications and click ok.

The alternative User interface is designed for PC's with small screens, e.g. mini Laptops. The menu is integrated into the desktop and each sub-menu can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen. The same panel found on the normal pc mode is also available.

Using eeZos

The main eeZos applications are found in the 'Applications sub-menu. These are:
- WebOS: This opens the web browser with your chosen url to the WebOS. (The url can be set in the preferences of eyeSync).
- Browser: This opens the web browser for browsing the internet.
- Media Player: This opens a media player for palying videos and music.

Removable USB drives are automatically detected and appear in the Devices sub-menu.

Setuping up eeZos in easy mode

eeZos can be switched between easy / setup mode by clicking on the toggle setup mode icon in the menu or pressing [Ctrl+S]. Moving to Easy mode removes the Setup sub-menu from both user interfaces, stopping the user accidently modifying the eeZos settings. Easy mode also stops the panel being modified.

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